How will this perform with the 16inch MacBook pro?

CalDigit TS3 Plus Dock

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  • This will perform well with the 16” MacBook Pro, as this will allow all ports to work as expected and charge the computer. We are currently developing an update that will allow this to push more power to the host computer in order to work better with the 96W power requirements.

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  • I purchased this dock the same day I bought the 16” MBP, unfortunately when I try to leave my laptop docked with the thunderbolt 3 cable plugged in, my MBP crashes. This happens every time without exception but only after screen saver initiates, it hasn’t happened yet while actively using. I’ve literally tried all combinations of energy saver possible but to negative effect. I’m driving a 34” LG Ultrawide with a DisplayPort-> usb c TB3 cable @ < 4K (don’t have the exact specs at time of writing). Hoping firmware update will fix this issue since the dock can only be used in short bursts and can’t be used for my normal use case.

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  • I've also have had crashes with this dock and the new 16" MacBook Pro. Specifically, it seems to have problems when the computer goes to sleep, or perhaps when it tries to wake up. I'll leave the computer to go to sleep and when I try using it later, the computer has been rebooted and I get a Problem Report crash dump when I log in again. If I power off the brick it comes with and hook my external monitor directly, I'm not able to reproduce the problem, so it seems to be the dock that's causing the problem. Not sure if this is an Apple or CalDigit problem to fix, but in any event I'd stay away from this dock until there's a fix from either party. I'm going to try this with the 10.15.2 developer beta seed to see if this fixes the issue.

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  • I spoke with CalDigit support just now to see what "update" means. I wasn't sure if that meant firmware update or new dock. "We are working on a firmware update that will increase the wattage the TS3 Plus will be capable of delivering to the 16" MacBook Pro." Also "In our lab testing between the TS3 Plus and Apple's new charging cable, we only found a 12 second difference in charging from 0% to 100%."

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  • I bought this dock for the new 16” MBP.... like so many others, I have had problems with the MBP switching off when it goes to sleep, also, fails to connect to more than two or three devices at the same time.... I have to disconnect my external hard drives for it to connect to a memory stick via usb.... very annoying I hope someone can find a solution

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  • I have had it for two days now running 24 x 7 and almost all of the ports being used. No issues at all. There is a firmware update available to increase the power output to 87W. Do a Google search for "Updating the TS3 Plus firmware via macOS 10.15"

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  • I also have problems when the 16inch MBP goes to sleep, the system crashes. Im on the latest firmware of the unit 44.1 and MacOS 10.15.4 Caldigit told me to reset nvram and SMC which worked for 1 day, until crashes started again. TSearch apple support thread for the ts3 you will see my Support thread there and a few others with the same problem

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  • When it works it's pretty good but there are some issues: 1. When my MacBook Pro 16 is in clamshell mode, my monitor connected via thunderbolt cable will randomly sleep/go blank and I have to open the lid to get it come back on. I was hoping a firmware update would help which leads me to the second issue... 2. If you're running Catalina 10.15.4, the firmware updated doesn't work. I tired it 3-4 times and also even created bootable USB with 10.5.2 of Catalina and still could not get the firmware updated. I just got this a couple of days ago and will reach out to their tech support tomorrow but if I can't get these resolved, it's going back. Too expensive of an accessor to have issues like this.

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  • The issue people are facing where the MacBook Pro 16" crashes is not related to this dock. It's a known issue with sleep management on the 16" pro and has not ben resolved even in the latest beta of OSX 10.5.5 beta 2. If you disable turn off the screen (set to never.. on power and battery) and power nap it'll work fine in the settings -> power control panel. It's only a bandaid until Apple resolves it but that's the actual issue. Ordered this as well and I'm hoping it'll charge this baby.

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