Can I use this cable to charge an iPad Pro with from a charging block with a USB-A port?

mophie USB-A Cable with USB-C Connector (1 m)

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  • I bought this cable for my 3rd Gen 12.9" iPad Pro to give me more charging options. I've tried it with numerous apple chargers and also 3rd party ones and none of them send power via this cable to the iPad. The only way i've managed to charge the iPad using this cable has been to plug it into my iMac.

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  • Although supposedly Apple gave a one word answer "Yes" that is actually wrong. Many of the USB A charge (like the one that came with your phone) are too weak to charge this device. Furthermore even with a powerful USB A charger, the rate is severely limited. Strangely I have found even with powerful USB c adapters like my MacBook pro model (65 Watts) the USB C to A cable (with an adapter) somehow limits the charge rate and is either super slow (6-10 hours to charge when off and discharging if in use) or doesn't charge at all. Still looking for a USB A charger that charges the USB C iPad Pro at a decent rate...

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  • Yes.

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