how is the iPod docking station powered ? Is it by USB only ??

I want to connect my iPod to my hifi and need to know how the iPod docking station is powered. Is it by the USB feed, or is there another power input method ?

Apple 30-pin to USB Cable

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  • There are two docks. The Phone 4 Dock and the Apple Universal Dock currently on sale. The iPhone one only does 4 and 4S.
    The Universal Dock goes back to iPhone 3G, 2nd Gen iPod Touch and 5th Gen iPod Nano, but not older.

    However there was an older Universal Dock that did older models.
    To differentiate the only way to tell is by the shape of the InfraRed port on the front (and perhaps by the remote itself). One port is round and the other is rectangular with rounded corners. You will need to discern yourself, but my guess is that the older one is round.

    The only way for power to trickle in is via the USB connector cable to the Docking Station. The power could come from a USB port or from a wall adapter. The wall adapter will likely charge the iPod faster.

    Good luck.

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