Does the Camera Connection Kit support the .NEF format? (This is Nikon's RAW format.)

Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

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    Yes you can view NEFs and my iPad stores NEF's just fine. When you hook it up to either Aperture or Lightroom you can transfer the NEFs from the iPad (via import) to either program.

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  • The iPad can view .NEF files. I have been able to view both D200 and D700 RAW files on it without converting to jpeg. I don't think we will know the answer to this question until the Camera Connection kits are released and people have had a chance to try them out. Because there appear to be a couple of different ways of getting the files onto the iPad, people will need time to find out if and how to make this work. There seems to be great interest in this in the photography community.

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  • I talked to someone at the Apple Store, and the way it was explained to me is, that, yes you can import NEF's to the iPad, BUT, it will convert them to lower res jpgs.
    Meaning, you can view your shots, but can't use the iPad as a storage device for your NEFs.
    I hope this answers the question.

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  • The CCK can certainly import .NEF into the iPad and the iPad can display them without troubles. As suggested by KK, further connection of the iPad to Aperture or iPhoto will allow easy export of complete .NEF photos. The only glitch was that while my D40 SD card was read directly by the CCK SD connector, my D200 CF card had to be connected directly through the camera. The iPad declared my external card reader attached to the CCK USB connector to be drawing too much power.

    I also note that I have about 20GB of space on my 64GB iPad. This makes for a pretty handy travel storage device for photos. That's a lot of photos, even shooting RAW. And, I can always make more room on the iPad by managing my music and movies.

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  • Most likely you are only going to be able to display the sidekick jpg file which is attached to every raw file for easy viewing. The actual NEF file is not likely supported for viewing on an ipad without some sort of app that is specifically designed for that. It's not really recommended to fill up an ipad with the larger NEF files anyway. Not unless you are going to use the ipad for editing which would be a really silly place for RAW editing.

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  • NEF is not actually a single format. Every specific camera (not just brand) shooting RAW requires a different conversion by the OS (it has nothing to do with the connector itself). So if the ipad OS supports the camera in question then it can read the RAW files. Given the iPad's limited storage it would make more sense to shoot RAW+JPEG and only transfer the JPEGs to the iPad IMO.

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  • Only if Apple programs, like iPhone or Aperture, support this particular RAW format. Also search for: 'aperture raw support'. Even if Apple programs support this, it would be a good idea to ask Apple Support.

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