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By using the AV cable, could I stream NFL games from my iPad to TV via the Sunday Ticket app? I currently watch live games through the NFL Sunday Ticket app, but would like to project these games to a larger screen. Please let me know. Thanks.

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  • I have an iphone 6s+. I just tried mirroring and got it to work, but the picture on both the phone and my TV suffered through airplay. I have found it easier to watch on my desktop windows computer. I have a Dell that happens to have an HDMI out port on the video card. I spend about $10 on a 15' HDMI cable (good quality cable) and have it attached to one of the 6 HDMI ports on my TV. Some slight picture degradation, but it works. Overall though the iphone through my router here at home has an excellent picture but the only reason I even tried it was because for some reason this Sunday, Flash keeps crashing on my desktop. I hope this helps someone.

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    Verizon is my carrier on my iPhone 4S, which is updated to iOS9. Verizon subscribers are now able to watch live NFL games for free via the NFL Mobile by Verizon APP. I'm able to watch live NFL games from my phone, projected onto my 48" Sony HD TV through my AppleTV using AirPlay. It didn't work at first, it was giving me the "Video isn't available for external sources" type error, which is a restriction in place by Verizon/NFL. But, I turned OFF Mirroring in AirPlay and it works! Perhaps the restriction is to make sure you are not watching it on two devices at once? The picture projected on my TV through the AppleTV is great - FULL screen HD. Now, the only downfall is when I go to use ANY other feature on my phone - phone calls, messaging, another APP or ANYTHING, the projection to the TV is cut out while I'm using them. When I'm done using them, I have to go back into AirPlay and touch the NFL Mobile App to re-project it.

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  • I have not used an iPad or this specific product but I have used a lightning-to-HDMI converter to plug my Macbook into my AV receiver. This has worked consistently including with high definition movies and Netflix. I see no reason why Sunday Ticket would differ.

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  • No. See DirectTV, No. Apple TV is not supported to view NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Apple users can view on their MAC computer, iPad (iOS v3.2 or higher), iPhone (iOS v3.1.3 or higher) or iPod Touch(iOS v3.1.3 or higher).

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