what type of cables do i need to mirror my i touch 4th generation to my t.v...

right now i have direct tv recievers in the garage and i want to hook the 4th gen i touch to the t.v to watch you tube while doing general repairs on vehicles..i would like to mirror my i touch to my t.v if possible but most importantly i want to be able to stream you tube to the t.v from the i touch so i dont have to keep running in and out of the house to look at the computer...thanks for your held. from what i understand composit cables work sometime and so do component cables, the direct t.v reciever has both composit and component cable inputs...i have been reading on this and searching this topic for hrs. now and cant seem to get a solid answer...all else fails i will order both sets and go that route..

Apple Composite AV Cable

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