do multiple TB-FW adapters create multiple FW busses?


I have a question concerning the use of multiple thunderbolt to firewire adapters. If I plug two of these into an iMac, and then a drive to each adapter, would those devices present themselves to the computer as being on two different firewire busses, or one unified firewire bus?
Some people on here have commented on how they have multiple drives daisy-chained to one adapter, that is not what I am asking about, as in that kind of situation you can easily saturate a single firewire buss.
My purpose here is to use Universal Audio's Satellite UAD product (firewire) in addition to a firewire audio interface. the Satellite prefers to be the sole device on a FW chain for best performance, so what I would like to do is use one adapter for a satellite, and one for a firewire audio interface, and have the two operate independently on their own busses.
Does anyone know if this is possible? Has anyone tried it?

Apple Thunderbolt to FireWire Adapter

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