Will this work with my MacBook Air (late 2010) charger to use with my MacBook Pro with Retina display, 15-inches (mid -2015)?

MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Converter

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  • Hi Jake, Yes, the converter will work with a Magsafe 1 (That's what your Late 2010 Air uses) But in regards to if your Air's charger will work with your 15" Pro using the converter, The short is no. The reason being is that the 15" Units (Unibody and Retina Pro's) Are supposed to use an 85W Charger (Your Air uses a 45W out of the box) Now, I'm unsure if you have upgraded your Air's charger but, the minimum for charging a 15" would be a 13" 60W charger, if you charge your Pro in sleep mode and not charging while using it. It'll be fine (No guarantee it'll last long though... You should always buy or have the suggested charger that Apple recommends, so in your case, the 85W. Hope I've helped! Jacob.

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