Is this cable longer than the one included with the iPhone 5?

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  • Yes

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  • yes it is 2x the size

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  • Yes it is.

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  • Yes I can confirm this - the standard Lightning to USB cable that came with iPhone 5 is 1M

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  • Yes. This cable is 2 meters, or 6.56 feet long. That is about twice as long as the standard cable that comes with the phone (which is said to be 1 meter).

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  • The 1m cord is long enough u want a shorter cord- longer the cord the longer the power has to travel to hit the phone/ iPad but I don't like when people say they don't like apple cords- Listin if u take care of ur cords and not rip them out they will last forever I have cords I still use from iPods- old iPhones ect- never buy a knock off cord, u have a iPhone use a apple charger and usb- the ones at the Arab stores will ruin ur battery. Man people it's worth it to pay 20 or 30 for the 2meter than. 5-7$ that's 12 dollar diff and will make ur battery last so much longer- people take care of ur stuff and u will allways have good results I've had 6 iPods 3 iPads 4 MacBooks 2 iMacs a Mac Pro every iPhone made and I've NEVER EVER HAD A PROBLEM WITH ANY APPLE PRODUCTS- that's why there more there made properly, go ahead buy a knock off cord and use it for a month!!' Ull be crying ur battery is screwed and won't charge or hold a charge. Apple makes the phones or iPod or iPads they kno how to make the Chargers!!!! Be smart people only buy apple u just bought a iPhone buy the proper stuff to treat it I own a MacBook from 2005 and it's never crashed!!!! My charger is perfect and the comp runs like it was just bought/ and people talking about the soldered ram and all that- I can tell
    U Apple has a reason for that if u don't wanna buy a computer w a single port and thunderbolt u don't need a Apple computer- less ports less prosessing no drive no moving parts no cd drive- buy one I don't use CDs anymore so lol get a class 10 ad card and get w the new age/ my new MacBook is amazing and the specs are way lower but u have to relize there's a reason my MacBook w 8 g L ram runs amazing w a 250g ssd and a new i5/ best MacBook I own and runs logic like a dream and all my gear runs like it should- apple is smart there getting ready to be the top- I can build a computer way better w way better specs and it would run half as good as my comp rite now I'm running 3 displays off my MacBook

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