is there a cable to connect a 3G Ipad to a smart phone which will allow me to Skype?

My 3rd generation ipad does not have a camera, can I connect it to a smart phone that has a camera so I can skype an my Ipad will act as a monitor.

Lightning to USB Camera Adapter

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    You cannot use any other device's camera for skype on iPad.

    There is a front facing camera for Skype on a 3rd gen iPad.

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  • The first-gen iPad was the only one without a camera... do you have the first iPad (squared off edges) with 3G cellular data? If so, you'll probably need a new iPad for video chat... lowest price new iPad Mini has cameras, with a cellular antenna the iPad Mini is $379, maybe less if you buy an Apple Refurbished (I've had great like-new experiences with apple refurbs).

    If you have a third-generation iPad, it should have cameras on the front and back. If the iPad only gets internet by WiFi, you can use a smartphone's Hotspot connectivity to wirelessly connect the iPad to the smartphone's cellular internet connection, and thus do Skype. Of course, you probably could just do Skype on the smartphone too.

    Good luck!

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  • Well there isn't a cable that will let you use your smartphone to skype via your ipad, I believe your 3G pad is the one without cameras, and with the 30 pin connector on bottom? You can get a 30pin to USB camera adapter, and plug in a USB headset. Now it has to be a headset that does not require too much power, I'd suggest a standard 1-earphone one, I haven't tested anything yet just did a LOT of research online about this. I'll be buying this Lightnning usb camera adapter soon for my iphone to see if my logitech g930s will work, I will be amazed if they will, and at the same time be extremely happy, haha. I'll post an actual review when I buy it, and after I use it for a week or so. These USB camera adapters actually let you import photos from iphone to ipad too which I thought was rather amazing. But not from ipad to iphone, I hope they change that.

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  • The 3G is relating to data usage, not the iPad being a 3rd generation product. The 3rd generation iPad does have both front and rear cameras, the original '3G' iPad has no cameras.

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