Will this crazy setup work?

Hey guys,

I've planned quite the complicated setup for the iPad Mini in my car for video and audio. First, I plug the Lightning to HDMI Adapter into the iPad.

From the HDMI branch of the adapter:
A1. HDMI cable
A2. HDMI to composite converter (ViewHD)
A3. Composite cable

I'll be using these for video output only – not sound. I'm assuming the display mirroring will work; however, I'm concerned about interfacing the different resolutions of the iPad Mini and the car head unit. Also, would it be a better idea to go with VGA stuff instead of HDMI?

From the Lightning branch of the adapter:
B1. Lightning to 30-pin adapter, 0.2 m
B2. 30-pin car-integrated iPod cable

I'm looking to get audio, charge, and music control from this branch. I get all three currently from just the 30-pin car-integrated iPod cable; I wonder if any of the functions will be lost along the way.

Please let me know if this will all work!

Lightning Digital AV Adapter

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