What is the difference between this 12W USB Power Adapter and the 5W USB Power Adapter, i.e. speed of charging, plug, durability, compatibility?

I have a iPhone 5s and iPad Mini Gen-1 to charge.

Apple 12W USB Power Adapter

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    An iPad requires at least 10W to charge at full speed. The 5W charger, when used with an iPad will cause it to display a "not charging" message - it will actually charge, but very slowly. Your iPhone will probably charge at the same speed with either adapter.

    WRT the plug, the 5W adapter has a US-standard plug. You will need an adapter to plug it into any other country's outlets. The circuitry is universal, so you can use a simply adapter and won't need a voltage converter outside of the US.

    The 12W adapter comes with a US-standard plug, but it is removable. You can attach a cord/plug (like those the laptop chargers include) or use Apple's international plugs, if you are so inclined.

    WRT durability, I've never had a problem with any of Apple's chargers. But make sure you're buying an actual Apple product. There are a lot of third-party knock-offs that look similar, but are lousy quality. Given that it's often impossible to know until after you make your purchase, I would recommend only buying Apple chargers directly from Apple.

    WRT compatbility, These chargers should work with any USB device. Given that a standard USB port supplies only 2.5W, you should be able to use either Apple charger with any device that can charge from a computer's port. I would recommend using the 12W adapter with anything that may require high power of if you're not sure. Fortunatley, they both cost the same price ($20 right now), so there's really no reason not to get the 12W model, unless you really want a very small device.

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