Can I back my MacBook onto two separate Airport Time Capsules via Time Machine: one TC used as wireless router, the second TC to extend the WiFi?

I already have an Airport Time Capsule, which I use as my wireless router, as well as backing my MacBook on it via Time Machine.
If I got a second Time Capsule which I would use to extend the WiFi, could I set Time Machine to back my MacBook onto both Time Capsules?

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    Yes you can! I actually do this, only difference is I have 3 Time Capsules: 2 are 2 TB and 1 is 3 TB. I have Time Machine for all of our Macs (3 laptops, and one Mac Mini) storing backups on all three Time Capsules. As a matter of fact, when we run our backups (we do them manually as opposed to the built-in scheduler) we run them three times: once to each Time Capsule. That way, we have three copies of each backup, for all four machines. If any backup is bad, we have two others to fall back on. The chances that we would ever lose something are very small indeed. We also attach 3 TB USB 3.0 external drives to the USB port on each Time Capsule. It is here where we store other, potentially 'live' data (as opposed to backups). I also use the Time Capsules to extend my wifi, and that works great! One should expect a, perhaps measurable, performance hit with extending wifi like this, but I have yet to notice any degradation. It works fine, and I use it just like you plan to.

    The only downside here is that you cannot ftp to these drives without them being connected to/mounted on, a computer. Other drives have ftp servers built-in, but these are not your 'normal' drives, rather more along the lines of NASs, and are more complicated as well as more expen$ive. If you have no idea about which I am talking here, then it is not a concern. Even if you are aware of the above topic, I would still recommend the TimeCapsules. Especially when you can find them refurb'd on Apple's site.

    Good luck!

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