can I mute the mic of this in-ear headphones?

The mic is too sensitive and I can hear noise around while listening music. Can I mute it when I don't need it?

Apple In-Ear Headphones with Remote and Mic

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  • Hi, I doubt your troubles are because of the microphone, it might seem that way (touching the mike will make audible noise in your ears).
    I can assure you the microphone actually IS shut down when no app is using it: e.g. you're not in a phone call, no app is recording stuff, not talking to Siri, etc.

    What you're most probably experiencing is the so-called "microphonics" or "microphoning effect". In short, it means that mechanical vibrations on the headphone cable are transmitted along it into your ear. It's similar to banging on pipes and how that sound travels along. The rubbery ends between the headphones and the cable are there for the purpose of muffling these noises, though apparently they don't muffle it enough.
    The key to reducing this kind of noise is in reducing the length of cable that is exposed to mechanical vibrations and could transmit that sound into your ear. One way of doing this is using a clip to attach the cord to e.g. your shirt. The closer the clip will be to the head the better. The recommended way though is to wear the earphones over-the-ear, that way the outer ear will absorb most of the noise.
    Also this way you could find a more comfortable angle for the headphones to enter the ear. In my case I was able to insert them much deeper that way which also improves bass transfer and further improves noise insulation.

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