Can these adapters be daisy-chained without loss of functionality?

Can another USB-C adapter be plugged into the USB-C port on this adapter so that you could, for example, add another display, or add another USB port? You might need another USB port if it turns out that the USB SuperDrive will only work if plugged directly into the USB port on the first adapter and you'd like to have another USB device plugged in. Being able to daisy-chain these adapters would provide a way (although an inefficient one) to add USB and other ports beyond what's available on the existing adapters.

USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

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    I got my answer by going into an Apple store and testing. The answer is no. The USB-C port on these adapters are strictly for power input. They can't carry data in either direction.

    Also, the original reason that I asked the question was specifically to find out if it would be possible to add another USB 3.0 port (with type A connector) while a SuperDrive was plugged into the USB port on this adapter. The SuperDrive will not work in any other configuration with the new 12" Retina MacBook (that is, it won't work with any hub). So the answer, again, is no: if you want to use a SuperDrive with a new MacBook, it will consume the only USB port, and no other USB devices can be used at the same time.

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