Can the noise canceling feature be used without music? Will they cancel the sound of airplane engine noise?

AirPods Pro

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  • Active Noise Cancellation can be used without playing any sound to AirPods Pro. They should cancel airplane sounds pretty reliably.

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  • Yes and yes Active noise cancelation does exactly both of those things with the added benefit of being on a call or listening to music. When no music is playing though naturally you’ll notice more sound due to the lack of music/audio Think of it like when you sound proof a car. The more sound you block out the more sounds you tend to notice, this is why people notice a improvement in sound quality, it was always there it’s just more noticeable now

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  • Very much so. I recently used them on a flight without connecting them to my phone and throughout the whole flight I enjoyed a very peaceful flight. Just place them in your ears and they instantly cancel out the background noise without you asking them to do so. I would say they are as good if not better than my Bose Quietcomfort 25s and they are in a much smaller package.

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  • They will not cancel out the noises completely, however since it is a constant background noise, it should deem fairly well against it.

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