Does this adapter work with earbuds that have microphones? Does it send volume controls and other signals?

Will this adapter work with my old Apple earbuds with a built-in microphone in order to make phone calls, and use Siri?

Also, do the built-in headphone controls work as well? Like colume, take a call, mute, back, forward, etc?

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    I have a pair of Klipsch earbuds that I love, and while I'm able to use the buttons on the mic for music and volume controls, it is now completely useless for phone calls. I can't believe this, and would absolutely take my phone back if the Apple Upgrade program allowed me to do so and get my old phone back.

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  • I use Bose QC20i in-ear buds (noise canceling). Controls work fine (volume, stop/start) through this adapter.

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  • I'm an old guy -- pre-boomer. I'm the generation that's not supposed to "get" any of this stuff. BUT I have three pair of "classic" 3.5mm ear buds: (1) Apple originals, (2) Bose earbuds w/telephone & volume switch, and (3) Polk noise-cancelling earbuds w/telephone & volume switch. All of them work through the adapter that came with my iPhone 7. They all worked normally THE FIRST TIME. No exceptions. No death after a half hour of use. NOTHING abnormal from my iPhone 6 experience. I can answer calls. I can pause music. I can increase or decrease volume of both music and phone calls. For me and my experience NOTHING has changed.

    There are some non-Apple Certified "counterfeits" on the market that even claim to not support normal function. But the adapter that came with my iPhone 7 (and presumably this device that Apple is selling on its own site) works the same as my old 3.5mm headphone jack in every respect. I'm sorry for those having a different experience, but returning the iPhone 7 (based on my experience) is the LAST solution I would try.

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  • Tested with iPad Mini 2nd gen with iOS 10 with standard Apple ear buds that came with iPhone 6s. Result: yes to all of the above
    Tested with iPhone 5s with iOS 9 (latest update). Result: "This accessory is not supported by this device."

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  • My Beats volume buttons and call button don't work with the adapter :(

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  • I too use Bose earbuds and mic quite happily for the extensive amount of time I spend on my phone. Unless this is a flaw that can be corrected with an update, I've pretty much decided to return my 7. I'm all for streamlining design and consolidating features, but the idea of paying more money to have a capability taken away is unacceptable, especially considering I purchased my Bose earbuds at an Apple Store.

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  • Hardware: iPhone 5s with latest iOS (10.2.1)

    I had mixed results using this adapter. I tried my wife's headphones (bundled with iPhone SE) and the buttons didn't work (but they worked through the normal headphone jack). However, my own headphones (bundled with iPhone 5s) worked fine with the adapter, including the buttons.

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  • works fine on my bose qc25

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  • I have a pair of Koss Porta Pro KTC's. Everything works with the adapter: the mic, the +/- volume buttons, play/pause, skip track.

    This model has a „Made for iPhone/iPad” logo on the box. My guess is that all headphones that are officially branded as iPhone compatible, should work with this adapter.

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  • I bought the adapter specifically to connect my Bose QuietComfort® 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling® headphones for Apple® devices to my iPhone 6s through the 6s Smart Battery Case lightning port (because the Bose have a L-shaped connector that won't insert through the straight opening of the battery case).

    The 3.5 mm to Lightning adapter allows full pass through of in-line mic and controls. On initial plug in to the Smart Battery case Lightning Port of the 3.5mm to Lightning adapter with the Bose, the controls did not work. However, unplugging and replugging the adapter with the Bose Headphones attached allowed the controls and mic to work.

    As long as your headphones are designed to work with iPhones, then they should work with the 3.5 mm to Lightning adapter, at least on a 6s using a Smart Battery case. As I don't have my iPhone 7 yet, I can't speak specifically for the iPhone 7, but it works fine even through the Lightning port on the Smart Battery case with the 6s and the headphones I have tried. Again, sometimes you may need to unplug and replug into the Lightning port.

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  • If your analog head phones work on your pre 7 iPhone then the adapter will work with your analog headphones on an iPhone 7.

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  • If your headphones work on your pre 7 iPhone then adapter will work

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  • Of course yes it's amazing

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