iPhone Lightning Dock – Black

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    The usages are multiple. It's much more useful that you would imagine.
    The main purpose of a dock like this one is that you can do a face time, Skype, whatsapp or whatever video call and have the iPhone in a perfect viewing angle.to be seen by your correspondent.
    Moreover, you can charge it at the same time.
    You can also plug a headset but only if it's a jack. You can plug a lightning but then you can't charge it at the same time.
    Without a dock you would have to keep the iPhone on your hand or struggle with some object to keep it blocked and in a decent position.
    Then you can use it to listen to music and still be able to see the cover album.
    Or when you connect it to a wifi or bluetooth speaker, it's nice to see the covers as most of them do not have any screen at all.
    And finally you can use it also as a clock stand but only on portrait mode not landscape. there are some nice app for this.

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  • It's a great place to put any iPhone with a Lightning connector. Not only does it raise the iPhone to a comfortable viewing angle, but if you spill your drink, your iPhone is safely off the desk.

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  • This is a charging dock for your iDevice.

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