How is this different than the old Apple Keyboard with Numeric Keypad?

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    1. It's Bluetooth. The included USB/Lightning cable is used for initial pairing and charging only (no removable/replaceable batteries!)

    2. The new keyboard is slightly smaller than the old, wired Keyboard + NumPad. This is only a slight difference though and didn't take me long to get used to (I had to compare it with my old keyboard to even be sure that it actually was smaller - I had noticed it but didn't really feel it).

    3. I think the new keyboard lies slightly flatter than the old, but I haven't actually compared this directly. Again, I have noticed it but not really felt it. Neither are adjustable in this respect of course.

    4. The keys are "flatter". That is, each key is not as "tall" as the keys on the old keyboard and I think (though cannot be sure) that the travel is also reduced. This is the same/similar change as was made on the evolution of the keyboards on the MacBook/Pro. This was the most noticeable difference to me at first, and initially I was dismayed as I loved the travel and feel of the old keyboard. But again, I very quickly adjusted and actually now I'd say I prefer the new one.

    5. It has an on/off switch on the rear edge at the right hand side. It's a very, very small switch and although I haven't read it anywhere, I suspect it is intended for when you transport the keyboard or anticipate not using it for an extended period as otherwise I would expect the keyboard to manage it's battery intelligently (e.g. turn off the BT radio if not used for a while).

    6. It looks nicer. :) It is a solid, single "wedge" that really looks the business, especially when paired with a Magic Trackpad 2 which when placed directly alongside the keyboard - on either side - seamlessly extends it, as if it were all part of a whole. Very nice.

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  • Its uses a Bluetooth connection for a start, and therefore not wired!

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