Does it support full 87 Watt pass-through charging?

If connected to an Apple 87W USB-C power supply, will this pass the full 87W?

USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter

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  • I’m getting only 55 watts. I noticed this when my MacBook Pro 15 2018 starts to drain the battery being connected to the original charger throuh the adapter. I looked in the iStat app the power source abd it shows 55W. Connected directly shows the full 86W and never drains the battery.

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  • For me - using a Macbook Pro 16" 2020, System Information shows the Mac is getting 94w through the Digital AV adapter; so yes with the right power brick it should. Maybe Apple have refreshed the product since previous reviews - my model number is A2119.

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  • No, it does not. it will take longer to charge using this adapter than it would charging directly from the standard charger. About 30-40% longer in my experience. This won't be an issue for everyone, but if you need to frequently top-up between meetings, for example, you may find it can't keep up (for this reason, I often have to fall back to the standard charger).

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  • Reviews online state that the previous version of this adapter, and most other adapters on the market, are limited to 60W only. There is no reason to expect this to do 87, as Apple probably would have advertised if it could.

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