Does the speaker rest on your ear or do you have to push it all the way into your ear canal?

I've been watching reviews on YouTube but could not find any mention of how you're suppose to put it on. Do you just place it resting on your ear canal or do you have to push it all the way in to create a secure fit? I'm hoping the answer is both so that you can rest it on our ear canal when in quiet places and during phone calls, while you can also push it into your ear canal to seal off outside noises when in noisy places like commuting.

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  • The ear tips rest against your ear canal and cannot be pushed inside. Proper size ear tip makes huge difference in sound quality and isolation (only the biggest included tip worked for me, all the others sounded terrible). I do wish these could be pushed inside the canal so I could get better isolation without them occasionally moving and breaking the seal.

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  • They are inserted into your ear canal to create a seal. This makes them noise isolating, reducing ambient noise. They come with multiple size ear tips to create an effective seal. I imagine they can be rested outside of your ear canal, but the sound quality will dramatically decrease if you don’t create a seal. Plus, if they’re resting outside of your canal, the auto play/pause won’t work well. AirPods rest outside of your ear canal, but let in essentially all ambient noise from your environment.

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