Are the Powerbeats Pro louder than the Powerbeats 3?

I own a pair of Powerbeats 3 and I can say that one of the only faults is that the maximum volume is far too quiet for me, has this been changed with the latest release?

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  • sound is better but honestly the volume is not loud at all. For music its not bad. Calls its worse and podcasts its worse than that. I have them at maxvolume at all times. I had air-pods before this and loved listening with one in. That's near impossible with the powerbeats pro. Hoping firmware fixes it.

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  • I just bought the powerbeats pro today and compared them with my 2 month old powerbeats wireless 3 and it is clearly evident that the power beats 3s are a little bit louder. maybe by 20% I have to play the pros at max volume and to match the pros volume I put the powerbeats 3 at maybe 80% volume.

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  • i have the pro and had the 3.... ummm...yeah the volume is louder... but like 10%. it's noticeable... but only a bit more.

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  • I have both, and for me its sound much better than the 3

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  • I use the Powerbeats Pro to listen to Audible audiobooks. It is perfectly adequate for that, even with the windows down at 70+ mph. It isn't going to overcome all noise but I can hear the performance perfectly and still hear traffic notifications and noise.

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  • Just got these as a Xmas gift. On the volume topic, when using the BP Pros, the level of volume is rather low. This is additionally referenced when looking at the volume slider on the iphone; at the half-way mark on the slider, the volume is low. When moved to 25%, the volume is almost non-existent. Tried "reset" of the of the Pro case and then re-paired as per instructions; still the same. Hoping for a solution.

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