Does it automatically turn to sleep mode when I put it directly in my pockets w/o the charging case while I am walking?

I am wondering this because the charging case is too bulky to fit in pockets. It will be perfect if the earbuds alone will stay in sleep mode even without the charging case.

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  • They do not turn off in your pocket. I leave my case at home most days as it’s too big for my pant pocket. When i take them out of my ears and place into my shirt pocket i notice the headphones icon on my phone screen which means they are connected and the battery is running down. I can’t figure out how to turn them off so i lay them on ny desk at work. However i do forget to take with me when i leave for day at least once a week. So unless they are in the hard case you can’t guarantee they will stay in sleep mode. If anyone has a suggestion, I’m all ears.

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  • The music turns off when you take them out of your ear, but they stay powered-up and connected to your iPhone until you put them back in the charging case. Even if you disconnect them in the Bluetooth menu on your iPhone, they will reconnect automatically after a few minutes.

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  • *FYI PBP SLEEP MODE FIX!* In case you eventually encounter your PBP not automatically powering back on once back in your ear after long periods of non usage, simply place the buds back in the charging case and hold the reset button for 10 seconds. (This is what Apple Support suggested. I ran into another guy at the gym with same issue. Fro my understanding the buds going dark is called ‘sleep mode’ where the buds would never auto back on unless I placed back in the charging case. WAS SO FRUSTRATING because didn’t want to carry the large case around!!!) Thankfully resetting fixed the issue, as they have been ‘waking up’ ever since.

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  • Yes, its exactly like the Airpods, if you take off from your ear its turn off automatically. so you can put it in your pockets with no problems.

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