Can AirPort Extreme be used with Gateway 2 wire DSL router?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Absolutely! Depending on how you want the airport extreme to function. It will, function as a switch behind your 2wire router, can configure your 2wire as a RG (Residential Gateway) which will then allow ALL traffic to the Airport Extreme. The Airport Extreme will then control (issue) the individual local IP addresses for your devices. Your network will not be like all of your neighbors i.e. (2wirexxx) in fact, wireless users nearby will no longer see your 2wire device. THey will see the airport extreme depending on what you name it (as an SSID) The WPA2 security on the airport extreme is very secure and you can choose to make your Airport Extreme invisible, which does not make it any more secure. It is very easy to change your network access PW, through the airport utility. In addition, all of your devices behind the router (iPod, iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC) will share a common (public) IP address. This speeds up everything. THe airport extreme is much more robust. This also gives YOU complete control of all things in and out of your network. PLUS, if you enable the guest network, you can limit access. I use this feature for parental controls. So the kids have their network. Adults have their own. Works really well. Mine handles media server, DVR, 3 apple TVs, Ipod, ipad, 2 iphones, one power pc G5 mac, macbook air, and 3 pc laptops with NO troubles. Best $200 router / switch there my humble opinion.