can I play bass guitar with it? How About vocal?

  • Asked by fn from Kalamazoo
Apogee JAM Guitar Input

Apogee JAM Guitar Input

Product No Longer Available

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    Definitely yes to bass guitar, vocals would be better with the upcoming 'MIC' from Apogee. You could also use the inbuilt mic in the iPad to get vocal ideas into Garageband.

    • Answered by Geoff W from Melbourne
  • Bass worked great as well as vocals. I ran a sure mic into it with an xlr to 1/4 mic cable and plugged it in. Worked just fine and the vocals were crystal clear. I tried out different amps and you can get a variety of interesting bass sounds. Overall, I can do everything I need to do with this device. My next experiment will be taking a 1/4 male to 2 1/4 female jacks and running 2 mics into it for drums to see what happens.

    • Answered by Brian L S from Lawrence
  • The Apogee Specs call out 44.1 Hz at the bottom of the response range Open E is 41.2 Hz and open B is 30.9 Hz It may work but the ADC will probably cut out at the bottom. Keyboards too. I wanted to use this with my 5 string but may have to keep looking hate to spend $100 to test it out.

    • Answered by Md A from Rolling Hills Estates
  • Great for guitar. Not so great for vocals if you are using a microphone with balanced outputs.

    You are much better off with the Apogee Mic for vocals. I have it. It's great.

    • Answered by Steve W from Sydney
  • The bass should work exactly like an electric guitar. No problem. And the mic will need an impedance converter. But yes. They will work.

    • Answered by Matthew S from Church Hill