can i stream audio from the internet to my airport express?

Would love it if i can stream audio from my internet sites, i.e. you tube, vimeo, radio internet. to my Airport express speakers.

I have the last generation Airport, where I cannot stream from net.

However, I phones can...

Does this one do it?


  • Asked by fn from Pacoima
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Hey mate,
    To stream from the internet (e.g. YouTube etc) you just need to change the audio settings from your computer to the Airport.

    It's not quite as straight forward as hitting the Airplay button in iTunes, and it does mean that ALL audio will be played from your Airport (when you use iTunes it only sends the music playing not the sound from your computer). But it's easy enough to change back and fourth when desired and will give you what you want.

    ---> System Preferences ----> Sound ---> then select 'Airplay' rather than the internal speakers.


    • Answered by William A B from Perth
  • No! but theres a mac app called airfoil, it let let you stream music from the internet, spotify, and quick time.

    • Answered by Martin S from Walla Walla