Can this 29w adapter be used with the iPhone or iPad or will it damage them?

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

29W USB‑C Power Adapter

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    No It won't damage your device although pushing too much Watt or amp through your device exceeding the limit won't make it charge any faster.
    iPhone 3g-5 --> 1A
    iPhone 5s or above --> 2.1 A
    All generation of iPad --> 2.1 or 2 A
    , Siwat

  • Just to clarify the earlier answer. You do not "push" wattage. The device (the iPhone) "pulls" wattage. Higher wattage of the adapter in no way impacts charging speed. If it's larger than required, the charger just does less work (so runs cooler). That is, a device that pulls 2w will pull 2w, regardless of the amount of current that the charger can provide. Higher wattage provides no benefit. If the rated wattage of the adapter is *lower* than what the device is pulling (not the case, here), the charger will run too hot, and could self destruct. Apple devices, however, do seem to detect low-wattage apple chargers and adjust their behavior. A cheap charger probably won't do that.