Can you transfer backups from an older generation time capsule directly to latest time capsule?

I have one of the last generation Time Capsules that is currently backing up 5 macbook pros, can I transfer those backups directly to the new Time Capsule?
Without having to do a full backup from the individual machines?

  • Asked by fn from San Diego
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    I asked about migration of old backups when migrating from a previous version of Time Capsule. I was told (approx 11/2012) that there was no migration tool available. That leaves either creating totally new backups or dragging existing ones to the new drive. Can take hours.

    • Answered by Jeffrey H from Loma Mar
  • There are files that are archives of the backups. They are rather large. You have to drop them onto the new time capsule when you have them networked with your machine. And like the above commenter says, it's true, will take all of forever. However I did do this to clean off mine, put it on an external and cleaned and encrypted the drive. Started a new encrypted backup, and had the others transferred for the older machines. Then you have to make sure that machine links to the correct back up to realign.

    You can still use the unit as an external drive, but search doesn't reach it. Which some might like, and you can set a separate login password for the drive that's not the wifi password which adds a layer of security, which it auto logs into when you login and bring forward that drive to active state. I used to store my iTunes on there. But then you have to tinker with making sure your network is up and connected before iTunes loads. It was finicky but possible.

    Too bad you can't access the drive from ipad. That would be an upgrade. So would FireWire or thunderbolt in the back. Never use the other ports much. The USB is only really good for printer haven't had much success recognizing external drives from it. And it doesn't look like you can choose to back up your ipad and iPhone directly to it. That would be mind blowing. To restore from the capsule, I would faint.

    But it was after I had started my backups and then realized that I could have started with encryption which I only really understood with the forums and articles that people contribute. Thanks to the community I managed the switchovers. Start with encryption. Flawless.

    • Answered by Jennafer Y from Kayenta