Can you use this with iTunes?

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    Tim, can you be more specific. What do you want to use with iTunes?

  • You can certainly put your iTunes Library on an external drive, though it may be less convenient due to hard drive spin-down and slightly slower access speed. For instructions, search for "HT1449" in the upper-right of this website.

  • I was thinking of setting it up as a UBS drive on my AirPort Extreme, moving my iTunes library onto it so that I could play my Sonos music system without having the MAC switched on.

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  • Yes, just move your iTunes fodder to the drive then launch iTunes holding down the Option Key and choose the copied directory on this drive. I have a 750GB iTunes directory on this drive since March 2013, unfortunately the drive died this week so now I have to get a new one and rebuild my iTunes from scratch, don't know if my ISP is going to be to gabby when I have to download all my purchases again.