connect with airplay or airport express (6) speakers connected by wires to a remote location. all speakers are ceiling mounted housed in 6 small room

WIll this work when I connect to a MacBook Air? or will I still need a seperate receiver. I'm starting a small business quickly, and my space is small, 1,200 sq ft. Spa setting, where music should sound crisp without crackling when we play classical and such. What should I do?

  • Asked by fn from Salt Lake City
  • Asked about:  AirPort Express

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  • The Airport express can be the wireless transport from an iPod, iPad, iPhone or iTunes (running on a Mac) you will still need a way to amplify that signal to your ceiling speakers. I have 4 ceiling speakers in my house, my solution was to get an Airport Express and connected it with an Optical cable to a network capable Onkyo Receiver. You'll need to select a reciever that can drive at least 6 speakers. The Onkyo can log directly to several Internet Radio services and has an app that can run the whole works, I like the Airport Express because it gives my network a 2nd access point.

    • Answered by Karl J from Stevens Point