Do I need a fast internet connection if I plan to use AirPort Express only to stream music from my iOS device to AirPort Express-connected speakers?

What I'm trying to set up is this: I have a primary router in one room, and then I'll have AirPort Express in another room. The AirPort Express will have speakers attached to it. I also plan to move AirPort Express around the house for the times I want to take music to another room. My iOS devices and my AirPort Express will always be in the same room.

My concern is: if I stream music from my iOS device to my AirPort Express speakers, will the music have to be streamed first to my primary router in the other room before being relayed back to AirPort Express? Or will my iOS device have a direct connection? The reason I'm wondering this is that I've noticed that with iTunes wifi sync, I'm actually required to be online, even if my Mac and iOS device are in the same room. I believe that's the same for the iOS remote app as well. So it seems that I have to go through the cloud first anytime my iOS and Mac communicate wirelessly with each other. My concern now is, is that going to be required for streaming music to the AirPort Express that is just a few feet away from me? Because I hope not. I have thick walls in my house and my AirPort Express will probably at times be far from the main router. Additionally, I only have a 1 mbps connection (there are no faster connections in my area). So if I have to go through the cloud first before being able to stream music, there could be significant skipping.

  • Asked by fn from Rosemead
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    No because AirPlay does not use your Internet connection, it's all connected through the airport express.

    • Answered by Andrew S from Orlando