Do I need a modem with the airport extreme?

  • Asked by fn from Waynesburg
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    Yes you do. The modem connects with the incoming signal from your provider and the router (AP Extreme) routes the signal wirelessly to your devices. The router is the connector between the modem and your devices.

    • Answered by Daniel T from Redlands
  • It depends on how you connect to the internet. The internet in our condo is provided by our HOA via an ethernet port (looks like an old-style phone cable socket), just like in an office, so we just use an ethernet cable to connect our AirPort to the ethernet port on the wall.

    If you have a subscription agreement with a cable or phone company, they should have already offered you a "modem" to translate their feed into standard ethernet, so then you would use your ethernet cable to plug into the modem.

    So you don't need a modem for the AirPort if you are in an office or have internet fed to your location via the standard ethernet port, but if you get internet from your phone company or cable company yes you need a "modem" but the company should have already provided you with one. Some people buy their own modem on an online auction company to avoid the high rental fees cable and phone companies padded on top their already high internet connection charges, but you have to actively avoid the standard cable/phone company "package" to avoid that situation.

    So the short answer if, you probably already have everything you need, if you are already connected to the internet.

    • Answered by William W from Emeryville
  • You only need a modem (cable/dsl/fiber box) if you wish to have Internet connectivity. Otherwise, the Airport Extreme will create an internal network to share files between multiple computers, allow printing, etc.

    • Answered by Mark H from Kansas City
  • Yes, a modem router in fact which has at least one LAN ethernet port.

    • Answered by Robert C
  • Partially related to this....

    To be able to use the 'Guest Network' feature on Airport, you must have the Airport controlling DHCP/NAT on your network. Due to the fact many Modems now have built in routers (as per my Sky Hub!) there are double NAT'ing issues likely to occur when taking your Airport out of bridging mode. in order to use the guest network, it would make sense to buy a modem without routing capability to let your Airport handle the whole job.

    Hope this helps some people, I was looking for a long time online trying to find a solution to this when first setting up my airport!

    • Answered by Samuel N from Cleckheaton
  • That depends on your existing setup, but it is easy to check. I have an ActionTec modem / wifi router from CenturyLink. Since the cable from my fiber modem goes directly into the incoming ethernet port on the back of the ActionTec modem, I don't need the ActionTec and can replace it with an AirportExtreme (setting up the login / password first of course).

    On the other hand, if your cable providing internet access is a phone line that goes into the DSL line on the ActionTec, you need to keep the ActionTec to act as a modem.

    • Answered by Katherine M from Seattle
  • Yes

    • Answered by Thomas S from Colts Neck