Do my stereo system speakers need to be able to connect to wifi signal to enable the airport express to work?

I have a JVC stereo system (MX-KC68) with sub and speakers which are really good but they do not have any wifi or bluetooth capabilities. I checked the back of the stereo system and speakers and it only has ports for the wired speakers/sub (the speakers look like they are internally wired and cant be removed). Is there a way to somehow connect the JVC stereo system to the airport express? I want to set up a home sound system but thought if I could somehow wire it up to the airport express that would save buying a few other sound speakers around the house. I have a feeling it will most likely end up being pretty complicated and may be just easier to purchase a system that has these capabilities but thought I would ask considering the speakers are the best ones I have around. thanks in advance :)

  • Asked by fn from Rooty Hill
AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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