Does the AirPort TC support having an ethernet connected network printer that is accessible to both MacBookAir and PC laptops?

I am currently using my printer's USB connection and ethernet connection quasi-simultaneously (both physically connected, but only print from one connection at a time). The ethernet connection goes to my LinkSys home router. The printer's USB port is connected to a work Windows7 PC laptop directly for corporate VPN security reasons and so cannot be connected to the AirPort TC USB port. I am wanting to replace my LinkSys router with the AirPort TC so that I can also set up Time Machine backups on my MacBookAir. Secondly, can I have my Windows Vista PC do backups to the AirPort TC (as a network drive)?

  • Asked by fn from Pleasanton
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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  • No.

    Basically if your printer is already network ready because it has an ethernet connection, there is no reason to have the traffic go via the Time Capsule (TC).

    The printer option is only for USB printers that are supported by Apple.

    You can also have a USB hub behind the TC to share both an external drive and a printer.

    • Answered by Frederic L