Does this Thunderbolt cable support Thunderbolt 2 at 20Gbit/Sec Bi-directionally if connecting Tbolt devices on both ends?

Product Description states:
"10 Gbit/s bi-directional, dual channel with Thunderbolt
Compatible with Thunderbolt 2, 20 Gbit"

Does compatible with Thunderbolt 2 simply mean that it will slow traffic down to Thunderbolt 1 speeds but allow the Thunderbolt 2 devices to continue function (at stepped-down throughput) ? Or does it mean that mean that this cable can handle (for example) Thunderbolt 2 Mac Pro connection to a Thunderbolt 2 Promise Pegasus2 - and support the higher data rate of Thunderbolt 2?


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    According to the manufactures web site, the cable is capable of running at both thunderbolt 1 and 2 speeds, depending on the devices its connected to. As an example, if both machines support Thunderbolt Two it will run at the full 20Gb/s throughput, however if one of the two machines is Thunderbolt 1, the transfer speed will only be 10Gb/s between the machines.

    • Answered by Casey M from Warren