How do I change from airport express first generation to new airport express base station (second generation)?

I currently have the 1st gen airport express plugged into the wall and connected to our cable (wired) router via the ethernet port. It provides a wireless network to our two computers in other rooms of the house. The coverage is OK, but it occasionally is slow and/or briefly loses the wireless connection.

I recently bought the second generation airport express base station with the two ports (Ethernet and WAN), and I want to switch over to the new APExpress. My questions are: 1) In what order should I do things? (eg unplug the old APExpress before plugging in the new APExpress base station, or vice versa) and 2) In which port on the new APExpress should I plug the cable from the router into, the Ethernet port or the WAN port?

One last question: Does it make any sense to connect both APExpresses to the router, i.e. connect 1st gen airport express to ethernet port of new APExpress base station, and connect the new APexpress base station to the router via the WAN port?

As you can tell by my questions, I'm not a very techhie kind of guy, so please make the answer simple:-)

  • Asked by fn from Yokohama
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