How does the Nike Sport band hold up swimming every day in chlorine pool - Any issues?

  • Asked by fn from Clearwater
Apple Watch Nike Sport Band

Apple Watch Nike Sport Band

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    I've owned the black/gray Nike band that came with my Nike+ Apple Watch and wearing it in the pool didn't make the color fade at all. I've wore it in the pool for 12 days in a row so far and no fading at all. Hopefully this helped!

    • Answered by Joshua B from Claysville
  • I'm in the Military and every morning after PT I take a quick 5 Lap swim to cool down before I hit the shower to get cleaned up for weapons training and running kill house drills all day until my squad is activated for a op. As long as you run your WATCH AND BAND under some warm water after swimming in chlorine it'll never affect it, at least it hasn't affected me and the is my daily morning routine for the past 10 months. My bands end up looking dirtier by the end of the day after shooting all day, the gun shot residue and carbon fouling that dusts over my watch and band from shooting In very close quarters indoors. I wear the new OD Green Nike Sport Band Apple calls it khaki and black or something like that, but it's the Nike Sport Band that is Military Green color to use civilian terms and there is a Nike Sport Loop that's the same OD Green color, solid dark green I got that one too just cuz it's the only other band that I can wear while I'm on duty in uniform cuz my BDUs are Multicam pattern. But no just rinse your watch and bands off after exposure to chlorine or even salt water to and you'll be squared away soldier!

    • Answered by Dalen B from Ridgedale