how many airport express devices can I run from one base station extreme? I wish to extend into other parts of the house currently out of range.

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AirPort Express

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    According to Apple Support you can connect two express and one timecapsule to an airport extreme router. Any more and they will not support it if you have problems with your setup.

  • Theoretically, you can add as many Apple devices as you have internal addresses available - I have attached up to seven Extremes and Expresses with no problem - the only drawback is that in addition to Apple not supporting such an application, only the first five setups can be stored via the Airport Utility.

  • I have one new model extreme with 3 new model express devices and they work together really, really well. I'm very pleased with the setup, internet realizability, and speed.

  • I don't know the real answer but I have three extremes and one express extending off of my time capsule and it works great. Do not know about the new express but I had zero luck using the express to extend my network (really just no useful signal) but I still have it hooked in because I have it but the extremes (more $$ obviously) work great.

  • I am running five airport expresses from my airport extreme base station. I was having difficulty extending my network with a number of devices, they would join but not extend. This was solved by a very helpful Apple Tech Support person. I had my one of my Macs connected by an Ethernet cable to the Airport Extreme Base Station. Even though I had switched the Mac to WiFi to set up the network the fact the ethernet cable was still attached to the airport extreme base station was causing interference. Once I disconnected the cable and restarted the Mac and the base station everything could be set up fine. I then reconnected the ethernet cable and switched the Mac from wifi to an ethernet connection and all was well. From time to time the same problem occurs, not least when upgrading software on the airports. I just go through the same procedure and all is well again. Thank you Apple support!

  • Right now I am running 10 apple express on one network, but I am not using Apple Base Station. I am using my own firewall which assigns IP's to all devices. Also running Plex Media Server to distribute movies. So far so good.