how many TB do I need to buy in my new time capsule

  • Asked by fn from New York
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    1. Look on your computer what you want to backup and how many GB that makes alltogether
    2. Be sure on other computers how many GB you want toi backup from those
    3. Mutiply this by 2 or 3 to allow a number of backup changes to remain on your TC.

    I took no risks, we have 5 MacBooks at home, so went for the 3 TB TC.

    • Answered by Johan R from Shelley
  • I do not use the time capsule, I use a Western Digital hard drive for my time machine with 2TB storage. I just want to give you an idea of how much my backup takes.

    1. 2 mac computers, iMac with 1TB hard drive (60% full) and a MacBook Pro with 320GB hard drive (50% full).
    2. Time Machine running regularly (every day like it's suppose to do).
    3. My oldest backups are going back to Sep 2012
    4. My WD hard drive is about 75% full so far

    Please note that all my media (movies, music...) are on a separate external hard drive that is not backup by my time machine (it has it's own backup).

    Also be aware that time machine will delete old backups when you run out of room on the time capsule so technically your time capsule will never stop backing up your mac. I personally never went more than couple weeks in time to retrieve a old document, so time machine could delete my over a year old backup, I will not care.

    Hope this help

    • Answered by Thierry R from Portland