I already have a wi-fi network, can I use the Time Capsule as storage alone?

We just purchased a new router, so I do not need wi-fi ... I do however need extra space for dvds that I have loaded on my mac. Am I able to use the Time Capsule for storage? will my apple tv be able to play my movies?

  • Asked by fn from Pewaukee
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    With the Sierra update in december 2016 Apple destroyed all possibilities of using Time Capsule for storage as a file sever in a network. I had four long calls with Apple Care and was finally connected to the senior level. They informed me that Apple has never supported the use of Time Capsule as a file server.

    In the 10.12.2 version of Sierra the system no longer recognizes in which program a file has been created. There is no way to open a document while it is stored on the drive of the Time Capsule. Apple Care's recommendation was to move every file that I wanted to open to my desktop. They apparently never have tried to produce anything in a network environment where files are linked to other sources in the same location – Time Capsule.

    I solved the problem by restoring 10.12.1, and can continue working normally. Apple Care says that some update in the future will most likely solve the problem that they have created for Apple customers. No promises about when.

    • Answered by Mark O
  • The airport configuration utility provides an option on the Network tab, at the top, labeled "Router Mode:". You can select "Off (Bridge Mode)" to turn of the DHCP and NAT services which will interfere with your existing network. Then, you just need to cable the time capsule to a LAN port on your other router, or, if you don't have a "LAN" port available, either buy an ethernet switch to increase the number of ports available by daisy chaining the switch off of a LAN port on your router, and then putting the wire that was in that LAN PORT in the switch, and use another wire from the switch to your time capsule.

    Alternatively, if you need to wirelessly couple your time capsule to your router, because you have no access to LAN ports for ethernet, then on the Wireless tab, you can select "Extend a wireless network", and then enter the details for how to wirelessly connect to your other wireless router.

    But, I would suggest that the best choice would be to switch to using the airport time capsule as your wireless router, and set your new router aside as a backup. The time capsule and the airport utility will work together to provide you and easy to manage system. If firmware fixes are needed for your existing router, you have to know where to check in the router for the current version, and then how to access appropriate updates on the wireless routers web site. With the Timecapsule and having the Airport Utility installed on your computer (if you have a Mac, it comes with it there already), it will tell you that updates are available, and install them for you when you choose to do that.

    • Answered by Gregg W from Tulsa