I have the older 2TB Time Capsule and DSL. They say the new Time Capsule is faster. Will my internet load quicker or just back ups are quicker?

  • Asked by fn from Ohiopyle
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    In theory, you internet will load quicker ONLY on 802.11ac devices. Specifically, you go from 1000 Mb/s to 1300 Mb/s on 802.11ac devices...which right now are only the new 2013 Macbook Airs as far as Apple gear is concerned. Your back-up with happen quicker too based upon the bandwidth previously mentioned.

    • Answered by Rod S from Grand Rapids
  • Yes and No. Your on the right track thinking about both sides of your connection. 802.11ac has to ability to run faster and push data stronger but it doesn't always mean its going to. You will how ever notice a difference in your backup speeds though. For the better of course.

    About your Internet load being faster; not so much. Your router is responsible for getting info to and from your end device to your ISP which then is on them. Other things fall of your ISP i.e.. Time Warner, Comcast, andCentury Link to insure quick response times.

    All in all i would upgrade to the new Time Capsule due to the face the the IT industry is always improving and speed are getting better often.

    Hope this helps

    • Answered by Tyler H from Mayfield
  • I have a 2012 3TB Time Capsule and just replaced it with a new 2014 Time Capsule. I also purchased a new MacBook Pro. As others have discussed, the 'n' connection was always fast enough to accommodate the stream from my cable modem...The internet connection does not appear to be faster. It does, however, seem that the backups happen faster on my MBP (wireless ac) than on my two year old iMac (wireless n).

    An unexpected and vast improvement was the stability of my home wifi network. I have four Airport Express devices in my home. They are all wireless 'n' (not 'ac). I use them as range extenders because the walls in my large historic home are very thick and prevent a stable connection. I also use each of these devices to drive stereo equipment on my Airplay network. I also have other brands of stereo equipment connected to this Airplay network. Before I got the new Time Capsule, three of the Airplay devices (including 2 Airport Express) were glitchy, and I would have frequent dropouts in the music that were irritating and embarrassing during a party.

    I have not had a single dropout on ANY of my devices since updating the Time Capsule. I have not changed the location or position of any of the devices.

    I do not know why this setup is so much more stable. All I can say is that my system is FAR more stable with my new Time Capsule than the 2 year old version.

    • Answered by Vincent N from Cincinnati
  • Generally neither of these will change.

    The new time capsule has support for a faster wireless network technology called 802.11ac. Unless you have a Macbook air(2013) you're device will still use 802.11n or 802.11g which are slower wireless technologies.
    Only people with 802.11ac with the new macbook airs would see faster backups when they use wireless vs the 2011 Time Capsule.
    Older 802.11n or 802.11g users will see the same speeds as the older time capsule for both internet and backup speeds.

    • Answered by Mike G from San Francisco
  • Highly unlikely. Most landline internet speeds are slower than the transfer rates of 802.11n from the older Time Capsules. Always expect local transfer speeds to be faster than internet transfer speeds.

    • Answered by Dominic B from Hannover