i have verizon fios with a router they provide. should i detach that and use airport extreme in place of it ? or does AE attach to the fios router?

im unsure if i add airport extreme or replace my router with it - i want better speeds and connectivity through my house for my iPhone, mac and apple tv.....my service is verizon fios quantum

  • Asked by fn from Vienna
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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    I have Verizon Fios and I connect the AE to their modem; I don't have their wireless router. Apple's AE works just fine connected to their modem.

    • Answered by Daniel T from Redlands
  • I just connected the AE to the FIOS router (an Actiontec). I disabled the Wifi in the Actiontec since it was no longer needed and run the AE in bridge mode. The latter is important to avoid "double NAT".

    Verizon relies on the Actiontec router for diagnostics. I don't think they would like it if you removed it from your configuration.

    • Answered by Thomas A from Tualatin
  • I do use AEBS instead of Verizon FIOS all-in-one Actiontec router. When Verizon installed the ONT ( a big white box outside of my house ) I asked them to enable an Ethernet port. ( by default the ONT has an Ethernet port that's disabled in installations using coax cable ). I do not have TV or phone service through Verizon since I need only decent Internet connection.My VOIP phone runs through different provider and it cost me ten times less than Verizon would charge me. Netflix and HBO Now runs through Apple TV and I am happy with what they have. If you have Verizon TV service you still can use AEBS but you need keep the Actiontec router because it feeds the show-guide data to the TV boxes.

    • Answered by Vadim L from Baltimore