In addition to Time Machine from networked Macs, can I use this to back up an external drive connected to the Time Capsule via USB?

I currently use a Seagate hard drive to store all my family photos and videos and am concerned with a drive failure occurring. I would like to attach this Seagate drive to the new AirPort Time Capsure and have the Seagate backed up to the TIme Capsule. Is this possible? My goal is redundancy. Thanks!

  • Asked by fn from Brooklyn
AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    Yes! I just did it. You can connect an external hard drive and use the built-in time capsule HD! It will give you the option of alternating between the two for back ups. Redundancy it is!

    • Answered by Tony G from Little Rock
  • I believe the answer is YES, but I think Tony G misunderstood the question.

    Tony G seems to have described redundant Time Machine backups, which has Time Machine alternate backing up a SINGLE SOURCE between multiple TARGETS. The creates two nearly identical (alternating) Time Machine backups of ONE source drive.

    The OP seems to be asking for the inverse of this; he wants both his internal storage and his external storage to back up to a SINGLE TimeMachine drive. TWO sources, ONE target.

    Based on my research, it seems that this is possible by simply plugging in the external drive while running Time Machine. Whenever Time Machine sees the drive, it will take that opportunity to include it in that update to the backup. When the drive is disconnected, Time Machine will still update the internal storage, and catch up with the external next time it can. (The one important detail is to make sure that the external drive is NOT in Time Machine's list of excluded directories. This list can be found at System Preferences > Time Machine > Options [unlock with admin password if necessary] )

    The OP is specifically asking if an external drive that is directly connected by USB to a Time Capsule can be included in that Time Capsule's Time Machine backup. I'm not certain of the answer to this, but I would expect it to behave the same as it does with my external drive, which is connected by USB directly to my Mac. If so, then the answer is YES.

    • Answered by Tyler N from Cambridge