Is there a AppleCare protection plan for the Time Capsule?

I've had an airport express which I loved but died an early death. One and a half years old... No noise, no warnings, no warranty, no fix. Just, gone.
Since this time capsule is way more expensive, I thought I should buy an extended warranty but... can't find one. Is there a way to peace of mind?

  • Asked by fn from Cedar Rapids
  • Asked about:  AirPort Time Capsule (2013)

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    There is no AppleCare for a Time Capsule, however AppleCare can protect your Time Capsule if you bought it at the same time as you purchased a Mac with AppleCare.

    • Answered by Jennifer J from Wilmington
  • It is covered under any Mac AppleCare that is still in effect at time of service, provided that you purchased the Time Capsule no more than 2 years prior to purchasing the Mac.

    In other words, say you bought the Time Capsule on June 1st 2012. Then you bought a Mac on June 1st 2014, two years after the Time Capsule, and got AppleCare for the Mac. Your AppleCare will be in effect until May 31st 2017, and it will cover the Time Capsule until that date even though you bought it well before you bought the Mac. So you're really getting up to 5 years of coverage if you time things right. I don't know if this is also the case for something like iPad AppleCare... maybe not, but worth checking on if you're in the situation where that's the only AppleCare you have.

    • Answered by Carlos M from Sunnyvale
  • Actually yes, if you have anything covered by AppleCare at the time of your call, Apple will warranty your item. I can't say whether or not breaks in coverage could cause an issue because I typically have an average of 3 items with AppleCare. You may want to just always have things covered since that is one of the best things about products from Apple!

    • Answered by Michele L from Congers