It claims a longer range. Are there details as to how big that range is? 200ft? 300ft? 400ft?

Before I consider buying it I need to know how far the signal will reach. Is there any information regarding signal strength and distance?

  • Asked by fn from Spanish Fork
AirPort Extreme

AirPort Extreme

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  • Like all wireless devices, it depends on the operating environment. A WiFi scan (i.e. Wifi Explorer - App) of your environment will show you how much traffic is in the vicinity and relative signal strengths. It will in most cases show you that most are operating in the 2Ghtz range. However, what can also affect performance are wireless phones which operate on the same band ranges.

    The combination of the beam forming antennae and 2 & 5Ghtz bands should provide a better signal for most people with ac connectivity seeing the best results.

    • Answered by Anthony W from Langley