Kindly advise about the Apple Wireless Keyboard capability to be used with my MacBook Pro Retina. While using Apple's Magic Mouse simultaneously

I am using MacBook Pro (Retina)

I am wondering and considering to purchase an Apple's Wireless Keyboard to use with my MacBook Pro, any person please advise me for 2 questions as follow:

1. Apple's Wireless Keyboard - can it be use with the Macbook Pro wirelessly without having to connect the USB ports, or etc.,

2. If it is possible, but since I am using Apple's Magic Mouse via bluetooth.

My question is that will it work together simultaneously both wireless (really wireless) Apple's Keyboard and Apple's Magic Mice?

I'm just a beginner, and this is my first time experiencing MacBook Pro, any of the experienced people who can assist me and clearify my wondering of usability will just assist me for a purchase intention right away. And with appreciation to the person (Mac Professional) that helps me clearify the answer I truly appreciate your professionalism, thank you!

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2 Answers from the Community

  • Yes..I too have the MPBR 15" and use a Magic mouse, Apple wireless keyboard, Apple Trackpad and built in pad on a MBP..all work at the same time if/whenever needed.

  • Best Answer:

    Yes... both will work wirelessly. For more info, search Google for:

    Mac notebooks: How to use your computer in closed clamshell (display closed) mode with an external display