So you can purchase multiple airport expresses to connect speakers around the house?

AirPort Express

AirPort Express

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    Yes, I've done just that. When you select the Airplay icon it lets you choose which speakers you want to stream to. If you are streaming from a computer you can send the audio to any combination of airport expresses connected to speakers. If you are using an Ipod or Ipad you can only stream to one at a time.

    Of course, you can use your Ipod/Ipad with the remote app to control Itunes on your PC to stream to multiple airport expresses.

  • Yes.

    Using the setup & configuration utility (available for free) you can give them different airplay names, e.g. Bedroom, Kitchen, Lounge, Study, etc.

    Then when you select 'airplay' from your iPod/iPhone/iPad/iTunes you choose where to send the sound using the names you gave the devices (Bedroom, Kitchen, Lounge, Study).

    From iTunes you can even select several speakers and send the same music to multiple devices simultaneously, so you don't miss out while you walk from room to room.

    Remember to give the same WiFi name to all devices to allow you to roam around the house with excellent network coverage. This name can (and should) be different from the airplay name.

  • Yes, I've got 2 and they show up as different places to send audio to from iTunes, and iPad, iPhone, iPod devices.