Can I use my Apple TV as a stand alone internet radio player, without a TV attached to it?

I have a HDMI projector for movies and DVD, but it is not always on (the lamp will be done by the time!). The box will be connected to the sound system in the living room as well. How usable is the Apple TV user interface in "blind mode"? Does it stay on the last selection, so I can only press "Play" when I switch it on? I will use it to play music from my Mac iTunes as well, in the bedroom. What do you recommend?

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    Yes. it's good, but it does require some occasional handholding. The best interface is with the Remote app on an iphone or itouch. Then it works great for the most part without switching on your main screen. The device app replaces the screen display to show you your songs, etc.
    Even here though, it can be an occasional pain as it will cough up on your direct control if it needs an update, or if it forgets your wifi, so it's still far from a perfect user experience as a solid music player that works without your intervention using your big screen. In short, it's annoying when it barfs, but okay generally.

    • Answered by Harley J from Scappoose
    • Dec 5, 2012