Should I buy a smart tv (like Samsung) or buy Apple TV for a non-smart TV?

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    It's totally up to you. Both of your choice, the Smart TV, and the Apple TV does basically the same, because it's an entertainment system.

    If you'd like to rent, buy HD movies, or stream media from your iOS device, I'd recommend the Apple TV.

    However, if you just want to watch YouTube, or use Facebook, a Smart TV is another option for you.

    Oh, and if you already own a flat-screen TV, or HDTV, the Apple TV's price at $99 makes it great for additional entertainment experience, for a great price.

    • Answered by Seth C from Bangkok
    • Dec 2, 2012
  • All of the higher grade TVs come with Smart functions as standard and typically $100 will upgrade TV models and provide additional TV usage via the Smart functions. Perhaps the smallest price differential would be to buy a Blueray player that also offers Smart functions. If you plan on keeping any of these items for any length of time, the TV, Blue ray and other devices will most likely need to be updated to meet changing market standards. If all of your devices can directly connect to the internet, updates are easy and may lead you to get a longer duty cycle from each device

    My daughter has an all Apple house and with all Apple devices is very well served by her Apple TV. I have a significantly more complex network and connect from all the devices on all four of my home theaters and the Apple TV would only become a replication of existing functionality.

    • Answered by Matthew W from Stafford
    • Dec 26, 2013