What apps on the apple tv have monthly fees?

I was told the there were no monthly fees on apple tv, except for a few apps. I would like to know, which apps.

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    Netflix, Hulu PLUS, MLB (Major League Baseball -- a SEASON fee -- likewise, NBA, NHL, MLS), PBS requires that you be a subscriber to a local PBS station. A number of the other apps, like the Disney or WatchABC Apple TV apps, require that you subscribe to a Cable or other provider that has an agreement with Disney or ABC (Time Warner, my provider, doesn't). I think that just about every provider allows Watch ESPN.

    Your own content on iTunes is, of course, available for free, whether by Wi-Fi from your computer or over Apple's iCloud. iTunes Match requires a small yearly fee, but it plays all of your audio music (Apple uploads your music that it didn't already have) and all of the Music Videos that you purchsed from Apple, but not the Music Videos that you got elsewhere like off of DVDs.

    There is lots of free content on the Apple TV, like thousands of Podcasts and YouTube and Vimeo and Radio, Smithsonian, WSJ Live, Bloomberg, Sky News and The Weather Channel, and you can stream most content from any recent Apple Mac or iOS device. You can look at all of your Photos, from your computer or on Flickr. There are foreign-TV apps from Korea and Japan. Apple seems to be adding new apps more frequently now. I use my Apple TV far more than my Cable TV box! The iTunes and Netflix movies and TV shows are absolutely beautiful! As are the HBO Go and Hulu ones. I have 600 music videos that I watch all the time, or I listen to them and all my music via the Apple TV while I'm reading or working. It's the best $99 that I ever spent, as was the $189 (or whatever it was) and $99 that I spent on the previous two Apple TV generations!

    • Answered by James M from Torrance
    • Jan 29, 2014
  • There are no fees from Apple, Apple is only giving you access to streaming services. Such as, if you pay Netflix $7,99 a month, you pay that to watch it on ANY device, it doesn't differ because it's Apple TV... If the service is free it's free on Apple TV. The only thing Apple charges you for is iTunes purchases & rentals.

    • Answered by Joseph P from New Rochelle
    • Jan 29, 2014
  • Apps like Netflix, Hulu and all of the sports channels have monthly/ yearly subscriptions. Other channels such as HBO and Disney require that you have a cable provider to sign in and use those apps. There are free apps like youtube, The weather channel, vevo and a couple others. Those apps are free and also you can always airplay from apple devices to it if needed.

    • Answered by Adrian M from San Ramon
    • Jan 29, 2014
  • This information can be found on the Product Page: What's on Apple TV.

    • Answered by Thomas B from Woodridge
    • Jan 29, 2014
  • which apps have a monthly fee

    • Answered by Elizabeth T from Boca Raton
    • Mar 6, 2014